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    • EFIE and MFIE, why the difference? 

      Chew W.C.; Davis, C.P.; Warnick, K.F.; Nie, Z.P.; Hu J.; Yan, S.; Gürel, L. (2008)
      EFIE (electric field integral equation) suffers from internal resonance, and the remedy is to use MFIE (magnetic field integral equation) to come up with a CFIE (combined field integral equation) to remove the internal ...
    • A modified equivalence principle for open surfaces 

      Takrimi, M.; Gurel, L. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
      We introduce a new method for expanding equivalent surface current densities over open surfaces. The new method is based on the equivalence principle, which is theoretically used with closed surfaces. Utilizing low-order ...
    • Windowed equivalence principle for open surfaces 

      Takrimi, M.; Gürel, L. (2013)
      We introduce a modified current expansion scheme over open surfaces based on the equivalence theorem, which employs closed surfaces, in principle. Weighting the expansion coefficients with a suitable window function ...