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    • Decoupling of multifrequency dipole antenna arrays for microwave imaging applications 

      Saenz, E.; Guven, K.; Özbay, Ekmel; Ederra, I.; Gonzalo, R. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2010)
      The mutual coupling between elements of a multifrequency dipole antenna array is experimentally investigated by S -parameter measurements and planar near-field scanning of the radiated field. A multifrequency array with ...
    • Quantum entanglement via superradiance of a Bose-Einstein condensate 

      Taşgın, M. E.; Oktel, M. Ö.; You, L.; Müstecaploǧlu, Ö. E. (Institute of Physics PublishingInstitute of Physics Publishing, 2010)
      We adopt the coherence and built-in swap mechanism in sequential superradiance as a tool for obtaining continuous-variable (electric/magnetic fields) quantum entanglement of two counter-propagating pulses emitted from the ...