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    • Binary morphological subband decomposition for image coding 

      Gürcan, Metin Nafi; Gerek, Ömer Nezih; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 1996)
      In this paper a binary waveform coding method based on morphological subband decomposition coupled with embedded zero-tree and entropy coding is described. This method can be utilized in text compression or bit-plane coding ...
    • Noncoherent space-time coding: an algebraic perspective 

      El Gamal, H.; Aktas, D.; Damen, M. O. (IEEE, 2005-06)
      The design of space-time signals for noncoherent block-fading channels where the channel state information is not known a priori at the transmitter and the receiver is considered. In particular, a new algebraic formulation ...
    • Simulation study of forward error correction for lost packet recovery in B-ISDN/ATM 

      Oğuz, Nihat Cem; Ayanoğlu, E. (IEEE, 1993-05)
      We present the results of a simulation study for a virtual circuit connection over an ATM network where forward error correction is performed at both the ATM cell level and the packet data unit (PDU) level. A main conclusion ...