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    • Blue InGaN/GaN-based quantum electroabsorption modulators 

      Sarı, Emre; Nizamoğlu, Sedat.; Özel, Tuncay; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (IEEE, 2006)
      We introduce InGaN/GaN-based quantum electroabsorption modulator that incorporates ∼5 nm thick In0.35Ga0.65N/GaN quantum structures for operation in the blue spectral range of 420-430 nm. This device exhibits an optical ...
    • Photonic devices and systems embedded with nanocyrstals 

      Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Soğancı, Ibrahim Murat; Mutlugun, Evren; Tek, Sümeyra; Huyal, Ilkem Ozge (SPIE, 2006)
      We review our research work on the development of photonic devices and systems embedded with nanocyrstals for new functionality within EU Phoremost Network of Excellence on nanophotonics. Here we report on CdSe/ZnS ...
    • Scalable wavelength-converting crossbar switches 

      Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Sabnis, V. A.; Zheng, J. F.; Fidaner, O.; Harris, J. S.; Miller, D. A. B. (IEEE, 2004-10)
      We report scalable low-power wavelength-converting Crossbar switches that monolithically integrate two-dimensional compact arrays of surface-normal photodiodes with quantum-well waveguide modulators. We demonstrate ...