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    • Efficient surface integral equation methods for the analysis of complex metamaterial structures 

      Yla-Oijala, P.; Ergül, Özgür; Gürel, Levent; Taskinen, M. (IEEE, 2009)
      Two approaches, the multilevel fast multipole algorithm with sparse approximate inverse preconditioner and the surface equivalence principle algorithm, are applied to analyze complex three-dimensional metamaterial structures. ...
    • Tunable surface plasmon resonance on an elastomeric substrate 

      Olcum, Selim; Kocabaş, Aşkın; Ertaş, Gülay; Atalar, Abdullah; Aydınlı, Atilla (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2009-05)
      In this study, we demonstrate that periods of metallic gratings on elastomeric substrates can be tuned with external strain and hence are found to control the resonance condition of surface plasmon polaritons. We have ...