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    • Assortment planning under non-linear cost structures 

      Shams, Farzad (Bilkent University, 2019-04)
      We first consider the assortment optimization problem with fixed product costs under the Mixtures of Multinomials (MMNL) Model. The problem is NP-hard even under the Multinomial Logit Model and the existing literature ...
    • The effect of continuous price change in the EOQ 

      Erel, E. (Pergamon Press, 1992)
      The sensitivity of the basic economic order quantity (EOQ) model to continuous purchase price changes is explored. The phenomenon of continuous price changes exists in several countries and it is not likely to improve. The ...
    • A private contributions game for joint replenishment 

      Körpeoǧlu, E.; Şen, A.; Güler, K. (2012)
      We study a non-cooperative game for joint replenishment by n firms that operate under an EOQ-like setting. Each firm decides whether to replenish independently or to participate in joint replenishment, and how much to ...