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    • Optimal timing of living-donor liver transplantation under risk-aversion 

      Köse, Ümit Emre (Bilkent University, 2016-08)
      Liver transplantation, which can be performed from either living-donors or cadavers, is the only viable treatment for end-stage liver diseases. In this study, we focus on living-donor liver transplantation. The timing of ...
    • Risk-averse control of undiscounted transient Markov models 

      Çavuş, Ö.; Ruszczyński, A. (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2014)
      We use Markov risk measures to formulate a risk-averse version of the undiscounted total cost problem for a transient controlled Markov process. Using the new concept of a multikernel, we derive conditions for a system to ...