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    • Behavioural analyses of quinine processing in choice, feeding and learning of larval drosophila 

      El-Keredy, A.; Schleyer, M.; König, C.; Ekim, A.; Gerber, B. (2012)
      Gustatory stimuli can support both immediate reflexive behaviour, such as choice and feeding, and can drive internal reinforcement in associative learning. For larval Drosophila, we here provide a first systematic behavioural ...
    • Systematic discovery of Rab GTPases with synaptic functions in Drosophila 

      Chan, C.-C.; Scoggin, S.; Wang, D.; Cherry, S.; Dembo, T.; Greenberg, B.; Jin, E.J.; Kuey, C.; Lopez, A.; Mehta, S.Q.; Perkins, T.J.; Brankatschk, M.; Rothenfluh, A.; Buszczak, M.; Hiesinger P.R. (2011)
      Background: Neurons require highly specialized intracellular membrane trafficking, especially at synapses. Rab GTPases are considered master regulators of membrane trafficking in all cells, and only very few Rabs have known ...