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    • Comparative analysis of the domestic cat genome reveals genetic signatures underlying feline biology and domestication 

      Montague, M. J.; Li, G.; Gandolfi, B.; Khan, R.; Aken, B. L.; Marques Bonet, T.; Alkan C.; Thomas, G. W. C.; Warren, W. C.; Searle, S. M. J.; Minx, M.; Hilliera, LaDeana W.; Koboldt, D. C.; Davis, B. W.; Driscoll, C. A.; Barr, C. S.; Blackistone, K.; Quilez, J.; Lorente-Galdos, B.; Marques Bonet, T.; Hahnj, M. W.; Menotti-Raymond, M.; O’Brien, S. J.; Wilson, R. K.; Lyons, L. A.; Murphy, W. J. (Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesNational Academy of Sciences, 2014-12-02)
      Little is known about the genetic changes that distinguish domestic cat populations from their wild progenitors. Here we describe a high-quality domestic cat reference genome assembly and comparative inferences made with ...
    • Demographically-based evaluation of genomic regions under selection in domestic dogs 

      Freedman, A. H.; Schweizer, R. M.; Vecchyo, D. Ortega-Del; Han, E.; Davis, B. W.; Gronau, I.; Silva, P. M.; Galaverni, M.; Fan, Z.; Marx, P.; Lorente-Galdos, B.; Ramirez, O.; Hormozdiari, F.; Alkan C.; Vilà, C.; Squire K.; Geffen, E.; Kusak, J.; Boyko, A. R.; Parker, H. G.; Lee C.; Tadigotla, V.; Siepel, A.; Bustamante, C. D.; Harkins, T. T.; Nelson, S. F.; Marques Bonet, T.; Ostrander, E. A.; Wayne, R. K.; Novembre, J. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Controlling for background demographic effects is important for accurately identifying loci that have recently undergone positive selection. To date, the effects of demography have not yet been explicitly considered when ...
    • Origins of pottery technology in the ancient Near East: an examination of the technological and socioeconomic factors that contributed to the innovation and widespread use of pottery 

      Holdridge, Genevieve (Bilkent University, 2004)
      The objective of this thesis is to research the invention and innovation of pottery technology in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, in particular the Late and Final PrePottery Neolithic B and Early Pottery Neolithic in the ...