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    • (In)efficiency and equitability of equilibrium outcomes in a family of bargaining games 

      Karagözoğlu, Emin; Keskin, K.; Sağlam, Çağrı (Springer, 2022-11-21)
      We construct a parametric family of (modified) divide-the-dollar games: when there is excess demand, some portion of the dollar may disappear and the remaining portion is distributed in a bankruptcy problem. In two extremes, ...
    • Kantian equilibria of a class of nash bargaining games 

      Dizarlar, Atakan (Bilkent University, 2021-08)
      This thesis studies Kantian equilibria (Roemer, 2010) of an n-player bargaining game, which is a modified version of the well-known divide-the-dollar game. It starts with introducing the fundamental concepts of Kantian ...