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    • Bio-nanohybrids of quantum dots and photoproteins facilitating strong nonradiative energy transfer 

      Seker U.O.S.; Mutlugun, E.; Hernandez-Martinez, R. L.; Sharma, V. K.; Lesnyak, V.; Gaponik N.; Eychmuller, A.; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-05-21)
      Utilization of light is crucial for the life cycle of many organisms. Also, many organisms can create light by utilizing chemical energy emerged from biochemical reactions. Being the most important structural units of the ...
    • Diverse relevance feedback for time series with autoencoder based summarizations 

      Eravci, B.; Ferhatosmanoglu, H. (IEEE Computer Society, 2018)
      We present a relevance feedback based browsing methodology using different representations for time series data. The outperforming representation type, e.g., among dual-tree complex wavelet transformation, Fourier, symbolic ...
    • Diversity and novelty in information retrieval 

      Santos, R. L. T.; Castells, P.; Altıngövde, I. S.; Can, Fazlı (ACM, 2013-07-08)
      This tutorial aims to provide a unifying account of current research on diversity and novelty in different IR domains, namely, in the context of search engines, recommender sys- tems, and data streams.
    • Diversity and novelty in web search, recommender systems and data streams 

      Santos, R. L. T.; Castells, P.; Altingovde, I. S.; Can, Fazlı (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-02)
      This tutorial aims to provide a unifying account of current research on diversity and novelty in the domains of web search, recommender systems, and data stream processing.
    • A front-page news-selection algorithm based on topic modelling using raw text 

      Toroman, C.; Can, F. (Sage Publications Ltd., 2015)
      Front-page news selection is the task of finding important news articles in news aggregators. In this study, we examine news selection for public front pages using raw text, without any meta-attributes such as click counts. ...
    • Minority rights regime in Turkey and the European regional organizations 

      Soner, B. Ali (Bilkent University, 2004)
      This thesis examines the framework of minority rights in the context of Turkey and the European-regional organizations focusing on the ways of accommodating two interrelated dimensions of minority conditions: ...
    • Time delay estimation in cognitive radio systems 

      Koçak, Fatih; Çelebi, H.; Gezici, Sinan; Qaraqe, K. A.; Arslan, H.; Poor, H. V. (IEEE, 2009-12)
      In cognitive radio systems, secondary users can utilize multiple dispersed bands that are not used by primary users. In this paper, time delay estimation of signals that occupy multiple dispersed bands is studied. First, ...
    • Whole genome sequencing of Turkish genomes reveals functional private alleles and impact of genetic interactions with Europe, Asia and Africa 

      Alkan C.; Kavak, P.; Somel, M.; Gokcumen, O.; Ugurlu, S.; Saygi, C.; Dal, E.; Bugra, K.; Güngör, T.; Sahinalp, S. C.; Özören, N.; Bekpen, C. (BioMed Central Ltd., 2014-11-07)
      Background: Turkey is a crossroads of major population movements throughout history and has been a hotspot of cultural interactions. Several studies have investigated the complex population history of Turkey through a ...
    • λ-diverse nearest neighbors browsing for multidimensional data 

      Kucuktunc, O.; Ferhatosmanoglu, H. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2013-03)
      Traditional search methods try to obtain the most relevant information and rank it according to the degree of similarity to the queries. Diversity in query results is also preferred by a variety of applications since results ...