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    • Auto-parallelizing stateful distributed streaming applications 

      Schneider, S.; Hirzel, M.; Gedik, Buğra; Wu, K. -L. (2012)
      Streaming applications transform possibly infinite streams of data and often have both high throughput and low latency requirements. They are comprised of operator graphs that produce and consume data tuples. The streaming ...
    • River: an intermediate language for stream processing 

      Soulé R.; Hirzel M.; Gedik, B.; Grimm, R. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016)
      Summary This paper presents both a calculus for stream processing, named Brooklet, and its realization as an intermediate language, named River. Because River is based on Brooklet, it has a formal semantics that enables ...
    • Tutorial: Stream processing optimizations 

      Schneider, S.; Hirzel, M.; Gedik, Buğra (ACM, 2013)
      This tutorial starts with a survey of optimizations for streaming applications. The survey is organized as a catalog that introduces uniform terminology and a common categorization of optimizations across disciplines, such ...