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    • Auction based scheduling for distributed systems 

      Zarifoglu, E.; Sabuncuoglu I. (2006)
      Businesses deal with huge databases over a geographically distributed supply network. When this is combined with scheduling and planning needs, it becomes too difficult to handle. Recently, Fast Consumer Goods sector tends ...
    • OLSR-aware distributed channel access scheduling for wireless mesh networks 

      Kas, M.; Korpeoglu I.; Karasan, E. (2009)
      In this paper, we present OA-TDMA (OLSR-Aware TDMA), a TDMA based cross-layer channel access scheduling scheme which uses the information collected by the OLSR routing protocol. In OA-TDMA, each node makes decisions in a ...
    • A survey on scheduling in IEEE 802.16 mesh mode 

      Kas, M.; Yargicoglu, B.; Korpeoglu, I.; Karasan, E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010)
      IEEE 802.16 standard (also known as WiMAX) defines the wireless broadband network technology which aims to solve the so called last mile problem via providing high bandwidth Internet even to the rural areas for which the ...