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    • Auction based scheduling for distributed systems 

      Zarifoğlu, Emrah (Bilkent University, 2005)
      Businesses deal with huge databases over a geographically distributed supply network. When this is combined with scheduling and planning needs, it becomes too difficult to handle. Recently, Fast Consumer Goods sector ...
    • Distributed scheduling 

      Toptal, Ayşegül (Bilkent University, 1999)
      Distributed Scheduling (DS) is a new paradigm that enables the local decisionmakers make their own schedules by considering local objectives and constraints within the boundaries and the overall objective of the whole ...
    • OLSR-Aware cross-layer channel access scheduling in wireless mesh networks 

      Kaş, Miray (Bilkent University, 2009)
      A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a communications network in which the nodes are organized to form a mesh topology. WMNs are expected to resolve the limitations and significantly improve the performance of wireless ad-hoc, ...