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    • All-fiber nonlinearity-and dispersion-managed dissipative soliton nanotube mode-locked laser 

      Zhang Z.; Popa, D.; Wittwer, V. J.; Milana, S.; Hasan, T.; Jiang, Z.; Ferrari, A. C.; Ilday F. Ö. (American Institute of Physics, 2015)
      We report dissipative soliton generation from an Yb-doped all-fiber nonlinearity- and dispersion-managed nanotube mode-locked laser. A simple all-fiber ring cavity exploits a photonic crystal fiber for both nonlinearity ...
    • Generation of dissipative solitons in normal-dispersion Raman fiber laser 

      Teğin, Uğur; Elahi, Parviz; Şenel, Ç.; Ergeçen, E.; İlday, Fatih Ömer (IEEE, 2016)
      Dissipative soliton pulses in a synchronously pumped all-normal-dispersion Raman fiber laser is presented theoretically and experimentally. The laser generates 7.1 nJ intra-cavity pulses at 1.12 μm and is compressed to 136 fs.
    • Soliton-similariton fibre laser 

      Öktem, Bülent; Ülgüdür, Coşkun; İlday, F. Ömer (Macmillan Publishers, 2010-03-21)
      Rapid progress in passively mode-locked fibre lasers is currently driven by the recent discovery of new mode-locking mechanisms, namely, the self-similarly evolving pulse (similariton) and the all-normal-dispersion ...
    • Sub-80 fe dissipative soliton large-mode-area fiber laser 

      Baumgartl, M.; Ortaç, B.; Lecaplain, C.; Hideur, A.; Limpert J.; Tünnermann, A. (2010)
      We report on high-energy ultrashort pulse generation from an all-normal-dispersion large-mode-area fiber laser by exploiting an efficient combination of nonlinear polarization evolution (NPE) and a semiconductor-based ...