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    • Collective modes in a bilayer dipolar fermi gas and the dissipationless drag effect 

      Tanatar, Bilal (Springer, 2013)
      We consider the collective modes of a bilayer dipolar Fermi system in which the particles interact via long range (∼1/r 3) interaction. Assuming that each layer has a background flow which varies little and that the dynamics ...
    • Long-range tamm surface plasmons supported by graphene-dielectric metamaterials 

      Hajian, H.; Caglayan, H.; Özbay, Ekmel (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2017)
      Considering the Ohmic losses of graphene in the calculations and by obtaining exact dispersion relations of the modes, we theoretically study propagation and localization characteristics of Tamm surface plasmons supported ...
    • Rayleigh-bloch waves in CMUT arrays 

      Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin; Oğuz, H. K. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
      Using the small-signal electrical equivalent circuit of a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) cell, along with the self and mutual radiation impedances of such cells, we present a computationally efficient ...