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    • A Compact Silicon-on-insulator Polarization Splitter 

      Kiyat, I.; Aydinli, A.; Dagli, N. (IEEE, 2005)
      A compact directional coupler-based polarization splitter is designed and realized using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides. Even though silicon does not have any material birefringence, the high index contrast obtained ...
    • GaAs/AlGaAs polarization splitting directional couplers 

      Yurt, Nasuhi (Bilkent University, 1997)
      Directional couplers are building blocks for m any guided wave devices in integrated optics and optoelectronics. They have been used as switches, modulators, wavelength filters, power dividers, wavelength m ultiplexer-dem ...
    • Using phase relations in microstrip directional couplers to achieve high directivity 

      Tas, V.; Atalar, Abdullah (2013)
      We analyze the microstrip directional couplers with a special focus on the phase difference between the coupled and isolated ports. The analysis uses the even-odd mode decomposition technique and network theory. The results ...