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    • Binary sequences with low aperiodic autocorrelation for synchronization purposes 

      Kocabaş, Ş. E.; Atalar, Abdullah (IEEE, 2003)
      An evolutionary algorithm is used to find three sets of binary sequences of length 49-100 suitable for the synchronization of digital communication systems. Optimization of the sets are done by taking into consideration ...
    • Input sequence estimation and blind channel identification in HF communication 

      Khames, M.; Miled, B. H.; Arikan, O. (IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, United States, 2000)
      A new algorithm is proposed for reliable communication over HF tropospheric links in the presence of rapid channel variations. In the proposed approach, using fractionally space channel outputs, sequential estimation of ...
    • Simulation of a digital communication system 

      Güngör, A.; Arikan F.; Arikan, O. (2005)
      In this paper, basic components of a digital communication system are simulated by a computer program. The simulation program is modular and flexible to incorporate any future additions and updates. The simulation program ...