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    • Focusing surface waves using an axicon 

      Köymen, Hayrettin; Atalar, Abdullah (A I P Publishing, 1985-12)
      Axicons are generators of waves which focus on a line. They are used in various imaging and nondestructive testing applications as bulk wave focusing devices with a very long depth of focus. In this letter, a new type of ...
    • Trends in development of dynamic holographic displays 

      Sainov, V. C.; Stoykova, E. V.; Onural, Levent; Özaktaş, H. M. (SPIE, 2006)
      Creation of a dynamic 3-D display based on holography, in which a 3-D scene is encoded in terms of optical diffraction, transformed into the fringe patterns of the hologram that is further converted into a signal for a ...