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    • Automated web services composition with the event calculus 

      Aydın, Onur; Kesim-Çiçekli, Nihan; Çiçekli, İlyas (Springer, 2007-10)
      As the web services proliferate and complicate it is becoming an overwhelming job to manually prepare the web service compositions which describe the communication and integration between web services. This paper analyzes ...
    • Numerical modeling of electromagnetic scattering by perfectly conducting surfaces of revolution 

      Nechitaylo, S.; Sukharevsky, I.; Altıntaş, Ayhan; Sukharevsky, O. (IEEE, 2008-06-07)
      The integro-differential equation (IDE) of a three-dimensional (3-D) electromagnetic excitation problem of unclosed surfaces is numerically treated by means of the novel direct solver. © 2008 IEEE.
    • Parameter identification for partially observed diffusions 

      Dabbous, T.E.; Ahmed, N.U. (Kluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers, 1992)
      In this paper, we consider the identification problem of drift and dispersion parameters for a class of partially observed systems governed by Ito equations. Using the pathwise description of the Zakai equation, we formulate ...
    • Target differentiation and localization using infrared sensors 

      Aytaç, Tayfun; Barshan, Billur (SPIE, 2003-08)
      We discuss the use of low-cost infrared sensors in differentiating and localizing commonly encountered target primitives in indoor environments, such as planes, corners, edges, and cylinders. Single intensity readings are ...