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    • Kazakhstan : transition to democracy? 

      Tokhtarbayev, Ozat (Bilkent University, 2001)
      Thıs thesis focuses on the Kazakhstani way of transition to democracy. After having analysed the history of Kazakhstan, the author examines social, national, political and state structures, political leaders and international ...
    • A paradigmatic shift for the Turkish generals and an end to the Coup era in Turkey 

      Aydinli, E. (Middle East Institute, 2009)
      Turkey has been undergoing major democratic transformations in recent years, but one issue remains in question: the role of the military. Have these democratic changes also included an irreversible, structural change for ...
    • Rising competitive authoritarianism in Turkey 

      Esen, B.; Gümüşçü, S. (Routledge, 2016)
      Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002 Turkey has undergone double regime transitions. First, tutelary democracy ended; second, a competitive authoritarian regime has risen in its stead. We ...