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    • Analysis of the complex light field generated by a deflectable mirror array device 

      Ulusoy, Erdem; Onural, Levent; Özaktaş, Haldun M. (SPIE, 2006)
      An exact analysis of the scalar coherent monochromatic light field produced by a deflectable mirror array device is presented. The three-dimensional light field is related to the tilt angles of the mirrors. The first ...
    • Signal processing problems and algorithms in display side of 3DTV 

      Ulusoy, E.; Esmer, Gökhan Bora; Özaktaş, Haldun M.; Onural, Levent; Gotchev, A.; Uzunov, V. (IEEE, 2006-10)
      Two important signal processing problems in the display side of a holographic 3DTV are the computation of the diffraction field of a 3D object from its abstract representation, and determination of the best display ...