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    • The design of finite-state machines for quantization using simulated annealing 

      Kuruoğlu, Ercan Engin (Bilkent University, 1993)
      In this thesis, the combinatorial optimization algorithm known as simulated annealing (SA) is applied to the solution of the next-state map design problem of data compression systems based on finite-state machine decoders. ...
    • Lossless data compression with polar codes 

      Çaycı, Semih (Bilkent University, 2013)
      In this study, lossless polar compression schemes are proposed for finite source alphabets in the noiseless setting. In the first part, lossless polar source coding scheme for binary memoryless sources introduced by ...
    • Robust compressive sensing techniques 

      Teke, Oğuzhan (Bilkent University, 2014)
      Compressive Sensing theory details how a sparsely represented signal in a known basis can be reconstructed from an underdetermined linear measurements. However, in reality there is a mismatch between the assumed and the ...