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    • Low temperature photoluminescence spectra of InS single crystals 

      Gasanly, N. M.; Aydinli, A. (Elsevier, 1997-03)
      Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of InS were investigated in the wavelength region 477.5–860 nm and in the temperature range 8.5–293 K. We observed three PL bands centered at 605 nm (A-band), 626 nm (B-band) and 820 nm ...
    • Low-temperature photoluminescence spectra of layered semiconductor TlGaS2 

      Gasanly, N. M.; Aydinli, A.; Bek, A.; Yilmaz, I. (Pergamon Press, 1998)
      Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of TlGaS2 layered single crystals were studied in the wavelength region 500-860 nm and in the temperature range 9.5-293 K. We observed a total of three PL bands centered at 568 nm (2.183 eV, ...
    • Temperature-dependent Raman scattering spectra of ε-GaSe layered crystal 

      Gasanly, N. M.; Aydnl, A.; Özkan, H.; Kocabaş, C. (Elsevier Science, 2002)
      The temperature dependencies (15-300 K) of seven Raman-active mode frequencies and linewidths in layered gallium selenide have been measured in the frequency range from 10 to 320 cm-1. We observed softening and broadening ...