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    • Effects of the real exchange rate on output and inflation: evidence from Turkey 

      Berument, H.; Pasaogullari, M. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2003)
      This paper assesses the effects of real depreciation on the economic performance of Turkey by considering quarterly data from 1987:I to 2001:III. The empirical evidence suggests that, contrary to classical wisdom, the real ...
    • Inflation dynamics and its sources in the Ottoman Empire: 1586-1913 

      Berument, H.; Gunay, A. (Routledge, 2007)
      This study examines the dynamics and determinants of inflation in the Ottoman Empire during the 1586-1913 period. There are two possible reasons for inflation: fiscal expansion and monetary expansion, which could be generated ...
    • Monetary policy rules in practice: evidence from Turkey 

      Berument, H.; Taşçı, H. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2004)
      This paper estimates a forward-looking monetary policy reaction function of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey by considering the period from 1990:01 to 2000:10. When the spread between the interbank rate and ...