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    • Correlations between the ranks of submatrices and weights of random codes 

      Klyachko, A. A.; Özen, I. (2009)
      The results of our study are twofold. From the random matrix theory point of view we obtain results on the rank distribution of column submatrices. We give the moments and the covariances between the ranks (q- rank) of ...
    • Cumulant-based parametric multichannel FIR system identification methods 

      Özgen, M. T.; Alshebeili, S. A.; Çetin, A. Enis; Venetsanopoulos, A. N. (Elsevier, 1994)
      In this paper, “least squares” and recursive methods for simultaneous identification of four nonminimum phase linear, time-invariant FIR systems are presented. The methods utilize the second- and fourth-order cumulants of ...