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    • A cryptocurrency incentivized voluntary grid computing platform for DNA read alignment 

      Özercan, Halil İbrahim (Bilkent University, 2019-09)
      The main computational bottleneck of High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) data analysis is to map the reads to a reference genome, for which clusters are typically used. However, building clusters large enough to handle ...
    • The impact of blockchain related name changes on corporate performance 

      Akyıldırım, E.; Corbet, S.; Şensoy, Ahmet; Yarovaya, L. (Elsevier, 2020)
      This paper examines the impact of blockchain and crypto-related name changes on corporate and financial performance of the corporations. We document several pieces of evidence suggesting that companies who partake in such ...
    • Prediction of cryptocurrency returns using machine learning 

      Akyıldırım, E.; Goncu, A.; Şensoy, Ahmet (Springer, 2020-04)
      In this study, the predictability of the most liquid twelve cryptocurrencies are analyzed at the daily and minute level frequencies using the machine learning classification algorithms including the support vector machines, ...