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    • Critical approaches to security in Europe: a networked manifesto 

      Aradau, C.; Balzacq, T.; Basaran, T.; Bigo, D.; Bonditti, P.; Bueger, C.; Davidshofer, S.; Guillaume, X.; Guittet, E. P.; Huysmans, J.; Jeandesboz, J.; Jutila, M.; Guerrero, L. L.; Mccormack, T.; Mälksoo, M.; Neal, A. W.; Olsson, C.; Petersen, K. L.; Ragazzi, F.; Akilli, Y. S.; Stritzel, H.; Munster, R. V.; Berling, T. V.; Wæver, O.; Williams, M. C. (Sage Publications Ltd., 2006-12)
      In the last decade, critical approaches have substantially reshaped the theoretical landscape of security studies in Europe. Yet, despite an impressive body of literature, there remains fundamental disagreement as to what ...
    • Reading bourdieu with Adorno: the limits of critical theory and reflexive sociology 

      Karakayalı, Nedim (SAGE Publications, 2010)
      Scholarly activity presupposes a certain distance from the concerns of everyday life, which has both liberating and crippling effects. Bourdieu’s reflexive sociology hopes to undo these crippling effects by making the ...
    • Securing Turkey through western-oriented foreign policy 

      Bilgin, P. (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
      How are Turkey's insecurities relevant to the analysis of its international relations? While it is interesting to look at how particular security concerns have affected Turkey's foreign policies at various moments in ...