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    • Enhanced position estimation via node cooperation 

      Sahinoglu, Z.; Gezici, Sinan (IEEE, 2010)
      Two-way time-of-arrival (TW-ToA) is a widely used ranging protocol that can provide the distance between two devices without time synchronization. One drawback of the TW-ToA is poor positioning accuracy in the absence of ...
    • Fundamental limits and improved algorithms for linear least-squares wireless position estimation 

      Guvenc, I.; Gezici, Sinan; Sahinoglu Z. (John Wiley & Sons, 2010-09-22)
      In this paper, theoretical lower bounds on performance of linear least-squares (LLS) position estimators are obtained, and performance differences between LLS and nonlinear least-squares (NLS) position estimators are ...
    • Time-delay estimation in multiple-input single-output systems 

      Koçak, Fatih; Gezici, Sinan (IEEE, 2010)
      In this paper, the time-delay estimation problem is studied for multiple-input single-output (MISO) systems. First, a theoretical analysis is carried out by deriving the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) for time-delay estimation ...