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    • Superenhancers: Novel opportunities for nanowire optoelectronics 

      Khudiyev, T.; Bayindir, M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      Nanowires play a crucial role in the development of new generation optoelectronic devices ranging from photovoltaics to photodetectors, as these designs capitalize on the low material usage, utilize leaky-mode optical ...
    • Tailoring self-organized nanostructured morphologies in kilometer-long polymer fiber 

      Khudiyev, T.; Tobail, O.; Bayindir, M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-05-06)
      While nanowires and nanospheres have been utilized in the design of a diverse array of nanoscale devices, recent schemes frequently require nanoscale architectures of higher complexity. However, conventional techniques are ...