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    • Comparison of terahertz technologies for detection and identification of explosives 

      Beigang, R.; Biedron, S. G.; Dyjak, S.; Ellrich, F.; Haakestad, M.W.; Hübsch, D.; Kartaloglu, Tolga; Özbay, Ekmel; Ospald, F.; Palka, N.; Puc, U.; Czerwiñska, E.; Sahin, A. B.; Sešek, A.; Trontelj, J.; Švigelj, A.; Altan, H.; Van Rheenen, A.D.; Walczakowski, M. (SPIE, 2014-05)
      We present results on the comparison of different THz technologies for the detection and identification of a variety of explosives from our laboratory tests that were carried out in the framework of NATO SET-193 THz ...
    • Effects of color pairs on warmth perception in interiors 

      Ulusoy, B.; Olguntürk, N. (Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2016-09)
      Warmth perception is a physical, emotional, semantic, and sensorial bond between people and their environments. Although the effects of single colors have been explored, there has been no research on how paired colors ...
    • Understanding responses to materials and colors in interiors 

      Ulusoy, B.; Olguntürk, N. (Wiley, 2017)
      This article investigates the free associations of materials and colors in the context of interior architecture. Materials and colors rarely appear alone in interiors; therefore, in the scope of this study, the researchers ...