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    • Analysis of finite arrays of axially directed printed dipoles on electrically large circular cylinders 

      Ertürk, V. B.; Rojas, R. G.; Lee, K. W. (IEEE, 2004)
      Various arrays consisting of finite number of printed dipoles on electrically large dielectric coated circular cylinders are investigated using a hybrid method of moments/Green's function technique in the spatial domain. ...
    • Scan blindness phenomenon in conformal finite phased arrays of printed dipoles 

      Ertürk, V. B.; Bakir, O.; Rojas, R. G.; Güner, B. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2006)
      Scan blindness phenomenon for finite phased arrays of printed dipoles on material coated, electrically large circular cylinders is investigated. Effects on the scan blindness mechanism of several array and supporting ...
    • Structuring research on conformal antennas a European collaboration 

      Sipus, Z.; Persson, P.; Lanne, M.; Heckler, M.; Maci, S.; Masa-Campos, J. L.; Knott, P.; Ertürk, Vakur B.; Vandenbosch, G. (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2007)
      The topic of this paper is the work carried out within work package 2.4-3 of the EU network "antenna centre of excellence" (ACE). This work package is concerned with structuring research on conformal antennas. In particular, ...