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    • River: an intermediate language for stream processing 

      Soulé R.; Hirzel M.; Gedik, B.; Grimm, R. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016)
      Summary This paper presents both a calculus for stream processing, named Brooklet, and its realization as an intermediate language, named River. Because River is based on Brooklet, it has a formal semantics that enables ...
    • SPL: an extensible language for distributed stream processing 

      Hirzel M.; Schneider S.; Gedik, B. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017)
      Big data is revolutionizing how all sectors of our economy do business, including telecommunication, transportation, medical, and finance. Big data comes in two flavors: data at rest and data in motion. Processing data in ...
    • Test case verification by model checking 

      Naik, K.; Sarikaya, B. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993)
      Verification of a test case for testing the conformance of protocol implementations against the formal description of the protocol involves verifying three aspects of the test case: expected input/output test behavior, ...