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    • Detecting compromised routers via packet forwarding behavior 

      Mizrak, A.T.; Savage, S.; Marzullo, K. (2008)
      While it is widely understood that criminal miscreants are subverting large numbers of Internet-connected computers (e.g., for bots, spyware, SPAM forwarding), it is less well appreciated that Internet routers are also ...
    • Effects of cognitive styles on 2D drafting and design performance in digital media 

      Pektas, S.T. (Springer Netherlands, 2010)
      This paper investigates the interactions between design students' cognitive styles, as measured by Riding's Cognitive Styles Analysis, and performance in 2D drafting and design tasks in digital media. An empirical research ...
    • Securing legacy firefox extensions with SENTINEL 

      Onarlioglu, K.; Battal, M.; Robertson, W.; Kirda, E. (Springer, 2013)
      A poorly designed web browser extension with a security vulnerability may expose the whole system to an attacker. Therefore, attacks directed at "benign-but-buggy" extensions, as well as extensions that have been written ...