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    • A comparison of logical and physical parallel I/O patterns 

      Simitci, H.; Reed, D. A. (SAGE Publications Inc., 1998)
      Although there are several extant studies of parallel scientific application request patterns, there is little experimental data on the correlation of physical I/O patterns with application I/O stimuli. To understand these ...
    • Correct-schema-guided synthesis of steadfast programs 

      Flener, Pierre; Lau, K. K.; Ornaghi, M. (IEEE, 1997-11)
      It can be argued that for (semi-)automated software development, program schemas are indispensable, since they capture not only structured program design principles, but also domain knowledge, both of which are of crucial ...
    • Mars: A tool-based modeling, animation, and parallel rendering system 

      Aktıhanoğlu, M.; Özgüç, B.; Aykanat, Cevdet (Springer, 1994)
      This paper describes a system for modeling, animating, previewing and rendering articulated objects. The system has a modeler of objects that consists of joints and segments. The animator interactively positions the ...