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    • Influence function based Gaussianity tests for detection of microcalcifications in mammogram images 

      Gürcan, M. Nafi; Yardımcı, Y.; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 1999-10)
      In this paper, computer-aided diagnosis of microcalcifications in mammogram images is considered. Microcalcification clusters are an early sign of breast cancer. Microcalcifications appear as single bright spots in mammogram ...
    • Multi-instance multi-label learning for whole slide breast histopathology 

      Mercan, Caner; Mercan, E.; Aksoy, Selim; Shapiro, L. G.; Weaver, D. L.; Elmore, J. G. (International Society for Optical Engineering SPIE, 2016-02-03)
      Digitization of full biopsy slides using the whole slide imaging technology has provided new opportunities for understanding the diagnostic process of pathologists and developing more accurate computer aided diagnosis ...
    • On approximation sums by maximums and vice versa 

      Özaktaş, Haldun M. (SAGE, 1994)
      We discuss the approximation max (x, y) ≈x+y for x, y >0, which is found to be useful in obtaining simple and transparent approximate solutions and interpretations for analytically complicated problems.