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    • Estelle-based test generation tool 

      Sarikaya, B.; Forghani, B.; Eswara, S. (Elsevier, 1991)
      A test design tool for functional analysis and test derivation of protocols formally specified using an extended finitestate machine model is presented. The formal description language supported is Estelle. The tool's main ...
    • Experience using a project-based approach in an introductory programming course 

      Davenport, D. (IEEE, 2000)
      This paper describes how and why our department chose to integrate a sophisticated visual programming environment (DELPHI) into the introductory programming course (CS101/2) of the first-year undergraduate engineering ...
    • Learning translation templates for closely related languages 

      Altıntaş, Kemal; Güvenir, H. Altay (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2003)
      Many researchers have worked on example-based machine translation and different techniques have been investigated in the area. In literature, a method of using translation templates learned from bilingual example pairs was ...