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    • Hierarchical segmentation of complex structures 

      Akçay, H. Gökhan; Aksoy, Selim; Soille P. (IEEE, 2010)
      We present an unsupervised hierarchical segmentation algorithm for detection of complex heterogeneous image structures that are comprised of simpler homogeneous primitive objects. An initial segmentation step produces ...
    • Nature of the Ti-Ba interactions on the BaO/TiO2/Al 2O3 NOx storage system 

      Andonova, S. M.; Şentürk, G. S.; Kayhan, E.; Ozensoy, E. (2009)
      A ternary oxide-based NO* storage material in the form of BaOZTiO2Zy-Al2O3 was synthesized and characterized. Thermally induced structural changes occurring on the surfaces of the TiO2Zy-Al2O3 and BaOZ TiO 2Zy-Al2O3 systems ...