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    • Shared scratch pad memory space management across applications 

      Ozturk, Ozcan; Kandemir, M.; Son, S. W.; Kolcu, I. (Inderscience Publishers, 2009)
      Scratch Pad Memories (SPMs) have received considerable attention lately as on-chip memory building blocks. The main characteristic that distinguishes an SPM from a conventional cache memory is that the data flow is controlled ...
    • SPM management using markov chain based data access prediction 

      Yemliha, T.; Srikantaiah, S.; Kandemir, M.; Öztürk, Özcan (IEEE, 2008-11)
      Leveraging the power of scratchpad memories (SPMs) available in most embedded systems today is crucial to extract maximum performance from application programs. While regular accesses like scalar values and array expressions ...