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    • An improved graph-entropy bound for perfect hashing 

      Arıkan, Erdal (IEEE, 1994-06-07)
      Gives an improved graph-entropy bound on the size of families of perfect hash functions. Examples are given illustrating that the new bound improves previous bounds in several instances.
    • On the single-assignment p-hub center problem 

      Kara, B. Y.; Tansel, B. Ç. (Elsevier, 2000)
      We study the computational aspects of the single-assignment p-hub center problem on the basis of a basic model and a new model. The new model's performance is substantially better in CPU time than different linearizations ...
    • Ordinal covering using block designs 

      Atmaca, Abdullah; Oruc, A.Y. (IEEE, 2010)
      A frequently encountered problem in peer review systems is to facilitate pairwise comparisons of a given set of documents by as few experts as possible. In [7], it was shown that, if each expert is assigned to review k ...
    • The single-assignment hub covering problem: models and linearizations 

      Kara, B. Y.; Tansel, B. C. (Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2003)
      We study the hub covering problem which, so far, has remained one of the unstudied hub location problems in the literature. We give a combinatorial and a new integer programming formulation of the hub covering problem ...