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    • Color naming 

      Şahin, Ebru (Bilkent University, 1998)
      In this study, visual aspects of color and neurophysiological processes involved in the phenomenon, language of color and color models were explained in addition to the discussion of different ideas, orientations and ...
    • Differences in illumination estimation in #thedress 

      Toscani, M.; Gegenfurtner, K. R.; Doerschner, K. (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Inc., 2017)
      We investigated whether people who report different colors for #thedress do so because they have different assumptions about the illumination in #thedress scene. We introduced a spherical illumination probe (Koenderink, ...
    • Effects of hue, saturation, and brightness: part 2-attention 

      Camgöz, N.; Yener, C.; Güvenç, D. (Wiley, 2004)
      This is the second part of an experiment by Camgöz, Yener and Güvenç, which investigates attention responses for foreground-background colour relationships. One hundred and twenty three university undergraduates in Ankara, ...