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    • DNA codon recognition by a cubane wire: In silico approach 

      Mirzaei, M.; Hadipour, N.; Gülseren, Oğuz (DergiPark, 2021)
      DNA codons, consisting of triplet nucleotides (NTs), could play important roles for RNA transcription and protein translation in living systems. Therefore, their recognition could be seen important for diagnosis and therapy ...
    • p53 mutation with frequent novel codons but not a mutator phenotype in BRCA1-and BRCA2-associated breast tumours 

      Crook, T.; Brooks, L. A.; Crossland, S.; Osin, P.; Barker, K. T.; Waller, J.; Philp, E.; Smith, P. D.; Yulug, I.; Peto, J.; Parker, G.; Allday, M. J.; Crompton, M. R.; Gusterson, B. A. (Nature Publishing Group, 1998)
      The status of p53 was investigated in breast tumours arising in germ-line carriers of mutant alleles of BRCA1 and BRCA2 and in a control series of sporadic breast tumours. p53 expression was detected in 20/26 (77%) BRCA1-, ...