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    • 3D printed microfluidic reactor for high throuhput chitosan nanoparticle synthesis 

      Aşik M.D.; Çetin B.; Kaplan M.; Erdem Y.; Saǧlam N. (Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society, 2016)
      The major bottleneck for the commercialization of nanoparticle related technologies is the mass production of the nanoparticles. One approach to overcome this bottleneck is use of microfluidic devices. In this paper, a 3D ...
    • Microfluidic device for synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles 

      Cetin, B.; Taze, S.; Asik, M.D.; Tuncel, S.A. (2013)
      Chitosan nanoparticles have a biodegradable, biocompatible, non-toxic structure, and commonly used for drug delivery systems. In this paper, simulation of a microfluidic device for the synthesis of chitosan nanoparticle ...