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    • Evaluation of chimerism with DNA polymorphisms in bone marrow transplantation 

      Özbek, U.; Vural, B.; Kalayoǧlu, S.; Soysal, T.; Bilgen, H.; Yavuz, S.; Anak, S.; Sargın, D.; Gedikoǧlu G.; Ferhanoǧlu, Burhan; Akoǧlu, T.; Tangün, Y.; Özçelik, Tayfun (International Children's Center (I C C), 1997)
      Evaluation of chimeric status following allogenlc BMT is an Important tool for monitoring the replacement of host cells with donor cells and for determining the risk of relapse. Polymorphic DNA sequences can be used as ...
    • Skewed X-chromosome inactivation in scleroderma 

      Uz, E.; Loubiere, L. S.; Gadi, V. K.; Ozbalkan, Z.; Stewart, J.; Nelson, J. L.; Ozcelik, T. (Springer New York, 2008)
      Scleroderma is a female-prevalent autoimmune disease of unclear etiology. Two fundamental gender differences, skewed X-chromosome inactivation (XCI) and pregnancy-related microchimerism, have been implicated in scleroderma. ...