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    • Mathematical modeling of the plasma frequency-height profile of the ionosphere for HF communications 

      Toker, C.; Arikan F.; Arikan, O. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      The plasma frequency - height profile of the ionosphere has an important impact on sky-wave HF communications. In this study, the profile obtained over a geographical region is fit to linear and spherical plane models by ...
    • Multi-input multi-output deletion channel 

      Wang F.; Duman, T. M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012)
      We describe a new channel model suitable in certain applications, namely the multi-input multi-output (MIMO) deletion channel. This channel models the scenarios where multiple transmitters and receivers suffering from ...
    • Simulation of a digital communication system 

      Güngör, A.; Arikan F.; Arikan, O. (2005)
      In this paper, basic components of a digital communication system are simulated by a computer program. The simulation program is modular and flexible to incorporate any future additions and updates. The simulation program ...