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    • Analog CMOS implementation of cellular neural networks 

      Baktır, I. A.; Tan, M. A. (IEEE, 1993)
      The analog CMOS circuit realization of cellular neural networks with transconductance elements is presented. This realization can be easily adapted to various types of applications in image processing just by choosing the ...
    • Design and stability of Hopfield associative memory 

      Savran, M. Erkan (Bilkent University, 1991)
      This thesis is concerned with the selection of connection weights of Hopfield neural network model so that the network functions as a content addressable memory (CAM). We deal with both the discrete and the continuous-time ...
    • Solving maximum clique problem by cellular neural network 

      Şengör, N. S.; Yalçın, M. E.; Çakır, Y.; Üçer, M.; Güzeliş, C.; Pekergin, F.; Morgül, Ö. (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 1998-07-23)
      An approximate solution of an NP-hard graph theoretical problem, namely finding maximum clique, is presented using cellular neural networks. Like the existing energy descent optimising dynamics, the maximal cliques will ...