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    • Aspects of multivariable operator theory on weighted symmetric Fock spaces 

      Kaptanoğlu, H. T. (World Scientific Publishing, 2014)
      We obtain all Dirichlet spaces Fq, q ∈ ℝ, of holomorphic functions on the unit ball of ℂN as weighted symmetric Fock spaces over ℂN. We develop the basics of operator theory on these spaces related to shift operators. We ...
    • The three equivalent forms of completely positive maps on matrices 

      Gheondea, A. (Editura Universitatea din Bucuresti, 2010)
      Motived by the importance of quantum operations in quantum information theory, we rigorously present the three equivalent (Stinespring, Kraus, and Choi) forms of completely positive maps on full C∗-algebras of matrices, ...