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    • Building detection using directional spatial constraints 

      Akçay, H. Gökhan; Aksoy, Selim (IEEE, 2010)
      We propose an algorithm for automatic detection of buildings with complex shapes and roof structures in very high spatial resolution remotely sensed images. First, an initial oversegmentation is obtained. Then, candidate ...
    • Modeling urbanization using building patterns 

      Doǧrusöz, E.; Aksoy, S. (2007)
      Automatic extraction of buildings and modeling of their spatial arrangements provide essential information for urban applications. This paper describes our work on modeling urbanization using spatial building patterns. ...
    • Performance measures for object detection evaluation 

      Özdemir, B.; Aksoy, S.; Eckert, S.; Pesaresi, M.; Ehrlich, D. (Elsevier BV, 2010)
      We propose a new procedure for quantitative evaluation of object detection algorithms. The procedure consists of a matching stage for finding correspondences between reference and output objects, an accuracy score that is ...