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    • Analyzing large sparse Markov chains of Kronecker products 

      Dayar, Tuğrul (IEEE, 2009)
      Kronecker products are used to define the underlying Markov chain (MC) in various modeling formalisms, including compositional Markovian models, hierarchical Markovian models, and stochastic process algebras. The motivation ...
    • Steady-state analysis of Google-like stochastic matrices 

      Noyan, Gökçe Nil (Bilkent University, 2007)
      Many search engines use a two-step process to retrieve from the web pages related to a user’s query. In the first step, traditional text processing is performed to find all pages matching the given query terms. Due to ...
    • Steady-state analysis of google-like stochastic matrices with block iterative methods 

      Dayar, T.; Noyan, G. N. (Kent State University, 2011)
      A Google-like matrix is a positive stochastic matrix given by a convex combination of a sparse, nonnegative matrix and a particular rank one matrix. Google itself uses the steady-state vector of a large matrix of this form ...