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    • Architectural requirements for energy efficient execution of graph analytics applications 

      Özdal, Muhammet Mustafa; Yeşil, Şerif; Kim, T.; Ayupov, A.; Burns, S.; Öztürk, Özcan (IEEE, 2015-11)
      Intelligent data analysis has become more important in the last decade especially because of the significant increase in the size and availability of data. In this paper, we focus on the common execution models and ...
    • European collaboration in conformal antenna research 

      Sipus, Z.; Persson P.; Lanne, M.; Heckler, M.; Maci, S.; Campos, J. L. M.; Knott, P.; Ertürk, Vakur; Vandenbosch, G. (IEEE, 2007-09)
      The work carried out within Work Package 2.4-3 of the EU network "Antenna Centre of Excellence" (ACE) is presented in this paper. This work package is concerned with structuring research on conformal antennas. In more ...